Key themes and deliverables

Roadmap Overview

Commitment and transparency are deeply ingrained values defining our product development approach. We are constantly developing new capabilities to facilitate the digital transformation of our cities. Take a glimpse into our DIGIT Roadmap to learn more about our upcoming tools and features.

Key Themes And Objectives



Theme 1: Promote urban mission

Product feature enhancements and concentrated focus on increasing adoption

Theme 2: Champion product innovation

New products to address the sanitation issues facing urban areas and public finance management solutions.

Theme 3: Increase ease of use and ease of access to citizens

Create integrated user experience with a key focus on flexibility, accessibility, quality of service; Optimized user experience

Theme 4: Enhance data privacy and security

Adopt improvements on the platforms that will address some key issues like privacy, security as well as adding new capabilities like GIS

Theme 5: Support product research

Identify high-impact research and product innovation areas through validation, understanding the domain, and processes involved

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