EDCR Release Notes
EDCR module release details

Release Highlights

eDCR Service 1.1.0 is a baselined release that has got few enhancements to the existing features.

Release Features

Projections: Portico
Portico is an area with a roof by the front door of a home(Any other side also). Validate the length, width, height and distance to the exterior wall.
Glass Facade openings
The glass facade is a large smooth building front that is made entirely of glass, thus serving as a great inlet for natural light. Validate the length, width and height.
Information and Communication Technology landing point (ICT)
Every apartment, commercial, institutional, high-rise building and all buildings with a plot size of 1 acre and more must include an ICT point. Light and ventilation, door height and room dimensions are validated.
Mezzanine At Room
Captured mezzanine area at room level
Amenities on Setback
Enhanced accessory block feature to accommodate units with colour code, and multiple distances with colour code support.
Enhanced chimney feature to accommodate multiple area and height
Enhanced parapet feature to accommodate multiple area and height

Upgrade Instructions

    eDCR 1.1.0: The above feature is useful and required in other states.
      The above features are configurable. Users can enable the features if required for the selected state.
    Impact: Functionally, the upgrade to eDCR 1.1.0 will not impact the existing environments.
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