Release Notes

New release features, enhancements, and fixes

Release Summary

DIGIT 2.3 release offers new modules, few functional changes, and non-functional changes.

  • Functional: Faecal Sludge Management module, Bill Amendment module, and Enhancements in HRMS.

  • Non-functional: Security fixes.

New ‌Feature Additions





Faecal Sludge Management (FSM)


  • Apply for Emptying of Septic Tank / Pit

  • My Applications and View Applications

  • Make Online Payment for Emptying of Septic Tank / Pit Charges

  • Download Application PDF and Receipt

  • Rating the service


  • Create a new Emptying of Septic Tank / Pit Application

  • Search and View Applications

  • Download Application PDF and Receipt

  • Inbox

  • Update Application/Demand

  • Collect Payment

  • Assign DSO

  • Reassign DSO

  • Complete Request on behalf of DSO

Desludging operator

  • DSO Login

  • Assign Vehicle

  • Complete Request

  • Decline Request

  • Search and View Applications

  • Inbox

FSTP Operator

  • Inbox

  • Update vehicle log

Backend APIs

  • Create and Search Vendor/Desludging operator

  • Create and Search Vehicle

  • Create and Search Billing Slabs


Bill Amendment

  • Application initiation

  • Workflow-based application process

  • Reference implementation for Water and Sewerage.

  • Artefacts

    • Credit/ Debit note PDF

    • Application Acknowledgement


HRMS Reports

Employee Report



Updated Feature



HRMS Enhancements

Multi-Tenancy support while creating Employee


PGR Reports and Enhancements

  • Support for PGR v2

  • The Google map integration in Citizen Create complaint flow



Few of the Security fixes:


  • Sensitive Information in URL

  • Standard pseudo-random number generators cannot withstand cryptographic attacks

  • Improper Neutralization of CRLF Sequences in HTTP Headers ('HTTP Response Splitting')

  • Avoid Exception, Runtime Exception or Throwable in catch or Throw Statements(Merged only for municipal repo)

  • Avoid sensitive information exposure through error messages(partially)

  • Size Validations(partially)


  • Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR)

  • Sensitive Information in URL

  • Clickjacking

  • It was observed that the application uses eval(code).

  • Do not use dangerouslySetInnerHTML property in React components.

  • Do not release debuggable apps

  • Avoid post cross-document messages with an overly permissive target origin


Building plan approval system

  • Scrutiny report download issue from UI screen fixed

  • Fixed stakeholder registration issue for stakeholder like engineers, town planner etc.

  • Added missing role actions in BPA for different stakeholders

  • Security fix for vertical escalation issue for citizen/stakeholder

  • Security fix for horizontal escalation issue for citizen/stakeholder

  • Updated service code in the receipt search and download receipt


eDCR Enhancements

  • Projections: Portico validation

  • Glass Facade openings validation

  • Information and Communication Technology landing point (ICT)

  • Mezzanine At Room

  • Amenities on Setback

  • Enhanced chimney feature to accommodate multiple area and height

  • Enhanced parapet feature to accommodate multiple area and height

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