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Welcome to DIGIT - Digital Infrastructure for Governance, Impact & Transformation.
An open-source platform empowering countries and institutions to build an inclusive governance and service delivery framework.
DIGIT is leading the way forward in equipping states, institutions, and agencies with a digital infrastructure that supports automated workflows. Currently, the DIGIT platform forks into multiple missions that address key challenges faced by various public governance domains like urban, public finance, sanitation, and health.

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DIGIT Core Services and Core Data Registries are grouped together into the "Foundation" or "Core Platform". These services and registries are reused by services that are part of Urban, Sanitation, Public Finance, and Health Platforms.
Browse through our mission-specific docs (follow the links below) for more details.


Building an urban governance platform to catalyze digital transformation across towns and cities - changing the way citizens interact with government bodies.


Facilitating a secure and highly scalable platform that facilitates the exchange of financial information across all levels of the government.

DIGIT Health

Expanding capabilities in public health by improving trust in health transactions through public health credentialing, and by reducing diseases of poverty.

DIGIT Sanitation

Catalysing an open digital ecosystem to enable habitats to move towards zero untreated waste by progressively reforming the current sanitation systems.
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