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Common Services

Configure & deploy core platform services
Core Services - Access the building blocks or microservices that add and extend the platform capabilities.
Click on the service links below to learn more about the service configuration and deployment details.
  1. 1.
    Workflow Services: Configure workflows or process flows from one state to another based on roles
  2. 2.
    Location Services: Configure location-based services that provide the location details for tenants
  3. 3.
    User Services: Configuration details for setting up user data management (login and log out) services
  4. 4.
    Access Control Services: Setup access control services to authorise end-users based on their roles
  5. 5.
    PDF Generation Service: Bulk-generate PDF as per requirement
  6. 6.
    Master Data Management Service: Store and fetch master data required for module functions
  7. 7.
    Payment Gateway Service: Facilitates and reconciles payments
  8. 8.
    User Session Management: Enables user sessions by generating authorisation tokens
    • User Session Service API
  9. 9.
    Indexer Service: Enables indexing of live data and legacy data
  10. 10.
    Persister Service: Removes repetitive and time-consuming persistence code from other services
  11. 11.
    URL Shortening Service: Used to shorten long URLs
  12. 12.
    XState Core Chatbot Service: Enables users to modify existing flows or create new ones
  13. 13.
    Telemetry Service: Enables trigger of events and recording of events based on user actions
    • Telemetry Service API
  14. 14.
    Document Uploader Service: Enables local body employees to upload documents
    • Document Uploader Service API
  15. 15.
    Report Service: Provides a common framework for generating reports
  16. 16.
    SMS Notification Service: Create a common point to manage SMS notifications
  17. 17.
    Survey Service: Enables the creation of citizen users to make better-informed decisions
    • Survey Service API
  18. 19.
    Filestore Service: Handles upload of different types of files to the server
  19. 20.
    ID Generation Service: Generates user IDs in the configured format
  20. 21.
    Localisation Service: Provides locale-specific components and text translation for applications
  21. 22.
    Email Notification Service: Manages email notifications
    • Email Notification Service API
  22. 23.
    Searcher Service: One-stop framework to search data from multiple data sources
    • Searcher Service API
  23. 24.
    Zuul Service: Provides a unified interface for a set of micro-services
    • Zuul Service API
  24. 25.
    User OTP Service: Handles OTP for user registration, login and password
    • User OTP Service API
  25. 26.
    eGov OTP Service: Authenticates users on the DIGIT platform
  26. 27.
    Chatbot Service: Enables users to access services through WhatsApp chatbots
  27. 29.
    Audit Service: A one-stop framework for signing data
  28. 30.
    Billing Service -
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